A Japanese stationary company developed the special implements in order to create unique shavings

While cherry blossoms won’t bloom until next spring, those who love the look can enjoy Sun-Star’s special Sakura Pencils that create cherry blossom petals as they are sharpened.

Designed by Hiroaki Doi as part of a 2015 Sun-Star design contest, these flower pencils took a year and a half to get from prototype to functioning model that would fit with standard sharpeners. When the pencil is shaved, the shavings look like individual petals, coming in both light and dark pink. Each pencil costs 394 yen, or about $4, they are more an expense for a product that is meant to be used up and thrown away, but this was part of Doi’s concept. Part of the design was linking the ephemeral nature between cherry blossoms and pencil: both beautiful and both gone quickly.

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