Our Future of Work vision is a web-based platform through which teams can collaborate on and monitor performance reviews across all channels, ensuring a happier workplace

365 days separate the delightful day you landed your Junior Copywriter job and this moment. Yet here, for the first time, with sweaty palms signaling your anxiety, an uncomfortable waiting room couch heightening the anticipation, and an unclear picture of where you stand within your own team—let alone how you fit within the framework of your global agency–you're about to have your annual review.

You're not alone as an employee who feels uncertain about their standing in the workplace: 52 percent of working professionals”feel their managers do not accurately or effectively track their career development,” as found in the PSFK Workplace Survey 2016. For companies to eliminate such queries and foster personal engagement and development in the workplace requires new parameters for the Future of Work, as illustrated in the 60+ page study by PSFK Labs.

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