Game Helps Autistic Adults Communicate And Make Friends

Game Helps Autistic Adults Communicate And Make Friends
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Me, Myself, and You is a board game that is designed specifically for people with autism looking to interact with others

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 4 october 2016

For those on the autism spectrum, social interactions can be difficult to navigate and to be invited to. Me, Myself, and You is a new board game that helps autistic individuals not only share their passions but also learn about others and make friends in the process.

Developed by Stanford University graduates Devika Patel, Claire Jacobson, and Nina Ligon, the game is designed to help autistic people interact, giving the players clear guidelines for how to act and move through a set series of time. The game is simple: the player has to Solo, Partner, Team, and Challenge cards, all of which encourage interaction and the sharing of interests. They developed the game as part of their senior capstone project, visiting community centers all around the area to watch how people interacted during game night. As the project began to develop, they worked with autistic makerspace Autistry Studios to refine the games rules, colors, and prompts.

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Ligon told Co. Design that the game was inspired when the three saw people more comfortable interacting with technology than each other:

“Everyone would separate out by themselves and check their phones and play games on their phones. We thought this was real opportunity to interact socially in less of an instructive setting. We thought, is there a way to help them get to know each other better?”

Those looking to purchase a copy of the game can do so by donating $50 to the project’s Generosity campaign, which has already accrued over $4,200. While the game has been completed, the team will continue to do more research on how well the game facilitates conversation and refine it further, with the hope that it may prove useful in clinical settings.

To see how the game is played and how it can help bring people together:

Me, Myself, and You

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