Designer Hussein Chalayan is exploring the possibilities of emotion-tracking wearables during his runway show at Paris fashion week

Over his extensive career, the fashion designer Hussein Chalayan has appropriated a variety of non-fashion items into his collections, including interior design, urban architecture and geometric figures. At his “Room Tone” show, premiering September 30th at the Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Week in Paris, the designer used belts and glasses, powered by Intel's Curie module, to express the models' stress levels.

During the show, five different models wore the Curie-powered smart belts and glasses, which measured and processed their stress level, then interpreted it into a visual projection on the runway wall. The glasses gather biometric data using a variety of sensors, and, using the Curie chip's bluetooth capabilities, are transferred to the wearer's 3D printed belt, which projects the visual translation onto the wall.

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