The Hubbub Foundation has created a set of themed bins meant to inspire recycling on a large scale

Coffee is one of the world's most popular drinks, but that also means that coffee cups are a huge source of waste. While most cups are recyclable, they often end up in the trash, something the Hubbub Foundation is looking to change with coffee-cup-shaped receptacles.

The #1MoreShot campaign placed 11 giant coffee cups (bins, really) all around Manchester, hoping to catch the attention of coffee drinkers. The goal is to collect 20,000 cups in three months, which they will turn into 15,000 plant pots for community gardens. This is especially important considering that's less than one percent of the 2.5 billion coffee cups used every year in Britain, according to Simply Cups, the only coffee cup recycler in the UK. CEO and founder of Hubbub, Trewin Restorick told Quartz the campaign was initiated because there seems to be no solution to the problem, “It just seemed to us an absolutely chronic waste and there are no viable schemes to recycle them that we could see.”

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