The tech giant is adding a new feature to its travel purchasing branch by telling flyers when prices are set to expire

For frequent flyers, hunting for a good ticket bargain can be tricky, even with apps that can guess when prices will go up and down. Google Flights is taking on the competition by letting customers know when a price will expire and when a price increase will commence.

Google has not made it public how it can known when these prices are set to expire, though it may be as simple as having figured out some of the pricing tricks airlines already put into effect, like price increases 28 days before the flight. Some years back, Google bought ITA software for $700 million, but did not do much with it until developing these alerts. It may be because, as Hitlist founder Gillian Morris speculates, it is because the Department of Justice’s restrictions on the software made before the ITA’s sale will be ending by the end of the year. Still, most customers won’t complain if it means more savings for them.

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