The latest product from the tech giant can perform commands within the home from one central hub

Google has released a new gadget this week to complement part of its new Google Home collection, which offers help from an AI assistant for everyday tasks. These include playback entertainment throughout the home and searching Google for any request, no matter how trivial, all via voice-control.

The design of the speaker-like device is minimal and futuristic-looking but not overwhelmingly so, and can be matched with consumers’ interiors as it comes in seven different shades that vary from copper to purple and monochrome. It’s petite and circular in size, around the size of a large hardback book, and the bottom half is detachable, meaning users can also change the color when they feel like it, depending on their mood. It only contains one concealed button and no switches or screens, ensuring the focus is on the voice-control function, however it has a touchscreen surface that can be used for volume control. There’s also a ‘mic mute’ button for privacy, should someone be able to overhear a restaurant suggestion for a family member’s birthday celebration.

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