Grow Your Own Produce Right In Your Kitchen

Grow Your Own Produce Right In Your Kitchen

A new design from Click & Grow called Wall Farm gives homeowners more space for a home garden

Marielle Castillo
  • 10 october 2016

Homegrown produce is a luxury for most, especially for city dwellers, but a company called Click & Grow is trying to change that. Last year, the company launched Smart Herb Garden, an indoor herb gardening system, and now it’s expanding on the concept with Wall Farms. The NASA-inspired system can grow fresh produce in just a few weeks with very low maintenance using the company’s proprietary Smart Soil. This soil maintains optimal levels of water, oxygen, water, pH, and nutritional matter for the plant. The Smart Soil is made of natural renewable sources, is biodegradable, and includes no pesticides, fungicides or herbicides in the growing process.

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The cabinet-like structure uses ultra-efficient grow lights that shine down on each shelf, and targeted irrigation saves up to 95 percent more water than conventional farming methods, making it ideal for drown-stricken or low sunlight areas. According to the company, the rate of plants grown using this method is 30 percent faster than those of soil-grown plants because the extra oxygen in the smart soil helps stimulate root growth.

At $799, the standard-sized Wall Farm can grow 57 plants simultaneously and can be monitored and controlled via a Click & Grow app. The MINI version can grow 38 plants and retails for $199. While the kits don’t include plants, they do come with enough substrate pods for one harvest. Users can get 20 refills with a monthly subscription for $59.95. Plants available now include tomatoes, wild strawberries, basil, parsley, sorrel, and leaf mustard.

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