Health Platform Gives Perspective On Your Weekly Habits

Health Platform Gives Perspective On Your Weekly Habits
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Gyroscope is a new wellness app that works by amalgamating data about your life into beautifully designed visuals

Jennifer Passas
  • 24 october 2016

What would your life look like if it were tracked and presented back to you in beautiful reports? A new life-tracking app called Gyroscope is doing just that. The visualizations produced by the app, which compiled by various sources, allow you to take a step back and look at your life from a unique perspective.

Gyroscope works by amalgamating data from different apps such as Apple’s Health app, Moves, which tracks transportation, Rescue Time, which logs your computer usage behavior, Strava and Runkeeper, which are both workout focused apps as well as Instagram and Twitter.


Once the integration of the apps you want to pull data from are set up, you can then look at the reports Gyroscope creates. All of the data that you feed the app ends up on your profile on the Gyroscope website which you can choose to share with only friends or can be made public. Your profile is broken into three main categories: Sport, Explorer and Digital, giving a detailed picture of different aspects of your life. The app gives you a birdseye view of your life with everything from the pictures you’ve shared, the sports you’ve participated in and your weekly digital activity.

The Gyroscope app is free but does have a pro subscription of $7/ month which gives you access to Sleep AI, which automatically figures out when you’re sleeping based on information it pulls from your other integrations without having to buy a standalone sleep tracker.

The beauty of the app is its ability to give you an objective view of your life. Living a busy life often blinds us to have a clear sense of how and where we are spending our time . Gyroscope allows us to really take a look at ourselves that could realize how productive we actually are or inspire us to change some of our behaviors.



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