How Sound Waves Can Make Beer Taste Better

How Sound Waves Can Make Beer Taste Better
Product Launch

A new countertop draught system takes a novel approach to giving you the best pour

Jennifer Passas
  • 7 october 2016

Beer and music, a more perfect match can’t be found, which is why the idea of using sound waves to make beer taste better seems both inevitable and delightful. A home beer draft system called Fizzics is using sound waves to convert beer’s carbonation into densely compacted bubbles which unlocks that fresh-from-the-tap taste.

Called the Waytap, the device has three major parts: a pressurized chamber to hold the beer, a sound-wave generator for creating foam and a microcontroller. By placing a bottle or can into the Waytap and pulling down on the handle a sound-wave generator is triggered to break up bubbles of carbon dioxide in the beer, creating a dense head of foam with roughly uniform-sized bubbles.

fizzics_waytap_feat-1500x844.jpg make beer taste better

The Waytap is the second version of Fizzics countertop ‘draught’ system. For the new design the company teamed up with frog to retool the look and user experience. The device is now smaller and looks more like a beer serving device compared to the first device which was quite a bit bulkier. The overall size has been cut by a third and the cost has decreased as well. The Waytap, which ships in December, will be retailing for $130. Those that are interested in investing in the company have the opportunity to do so on the company’s Kickstarter page and pick up the Waytap for as little as $90.



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