In Brief

Anant Kale, Co-Founder and CEO of AppZen, explores how artificial intelligence will profoundly affect the way we structure our workforce

We hear about artificial intelligence (AI) advancements every day, and it is disrupting every business and type of work. Google’s deep learning machine defeats the world’s top player in the game of Go, IBM Watson outthinks rivals at Jeopardy, Tesla’s autopilot plots a revolution in how we drive, and Uber lets customers call for a self-driving car. The first industrial revolution mechanized production using steam power, the second gave us the assembly line for mass production and the third industrial revolution gave us advanced automation using IT and electronics. We are at the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution driven by artificial intelligence, robotics, and web services. This latest revolution is proving to be the most disruptive yet, taking automation to levels most of us can’t imagine.

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