The Sports Debrief from PSFK Labs looks at how analytics tools are being developed to optimize human performance across all industries

In a not-so-distant future, every bite of food might contain your exact nutritional need for the day. Every dumbbell in the gym will weigh exactly what you are currently able to lift. Every drink will contain just the right amount of vitamins to get you through the day. Hyper-personalized training is on the rise and with new wearable devices, consumable delivery systems and IoT functionality, they are making a precisely tailored lifestyle possible.

Whether exercising, eating healthier or making any kind of long-term change, individualization often takes the form of plans and routines to help facilitate the transformation. Athletes in particular are constantly leveraging customization tools to optimize their routines and stay ahead of the competition—brands should be doing the same. Tailoring processes on an incremental level can be done in a facilitated and inexpensive manner in both sports and business.

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