IKEA Is Letting Kids Design Its New Line Of Toys

IKEA Is Letting Kids Design Its New Line Of Toys

The products are taken from fanciful drawings that showcase the imagination of those who use it most

Jennifer Passas
  • 27 october 2016

Children have an incredible ability to create universes where they escape to play in for hours on end, filled with mythical beings, villains and heroes. Sometimes as adults we are lucky to get a glimpse into these worlds through the stories and pictures that kids draw. IKEA has made the smart move of tapping into this amazing source of imagination through a new line of toys called Sagoskatt, which is Swedish for “mythical treasure.”

new line of toys

For the new line of toys, IKEA invited kids from around the world to submit illustrations of their most creative creatures. From a pool of over 52,000 drawings, the company picked 10 to turn into plush toys. The toys retail from $1 to $8, with a portion of sales going toward kids’ charities through the IKEA Foundation. Last year IKEA was able to raise $11 million for charity through its inaugural soft toys campaign.

The drawings were chosen based on their uniqueness and ability to produce at a reasonable cost. Some of the winning drawings include a bacteria that feeds on sugar and carbohydrates on your teeth, submitted by a five-year-old in Thailand, a horse-dinosaur hybrid, nicknamed “horsasaurus” from a nine-year-old in Indonesia, and an imaginary dog with spots from a Finnish seven-year-old.

PR_kit_Soft_Toys_SAGOSKATT_FY17 final-11 new line of toys

The plush toys will hit shelves on November 20 and be available until December 24. The project is a real demonstration of the power and unbridled creativity of children. It leaves one wondering what issues in the world could be solved by harnessing kids’ imaginations.


+IKEA Foundation

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