Love-Moji is a campaign to support the film Loving, and lets you celebrate diversity with a new set of symbols

Finally, there are keyboard emojis that feature and celebrate interracial relationships. Focus Features launched the new set of emojis, Love-Moji, in support for their movie Loving, a movie about an interracial couple in the 1960s going up the Supreme Court to fight for their civil rights.

Loving stars Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga, who play Richard and Mildred Loving respectively.

Moviegoers are already in anticipation of the movie and what better way to support the movie’s message than by using Love-Moji? This emoji set breaks tradition and introduces diversity to your keyboard. Now, interracial couples can express their emotions through kissing, holding hands and looking at heart emojis. Love-Moji is available in The App Store and The Play Store.

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