Basketball Court Created Out Of LED Lights

Basketball Court Created Out Of LED Lights

Sports enthusiasts in Japan will now enjoy a multicolored spectacle when watching their favorite teams play

Azalea Pena
  • 6 october 2016

Just when people thought it was impossible, Japan is now using a purely LED basketball court in a new professional basketball league as reported by Kyodo News.

Nike created a LED court a few years ago for Nike Rise and it appears the same technology is the one that Japan is using. Two weeks ago, the B. League introduced the LED court at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium during the game between Alvark Tokyo and Ryukyu Golden Kings.

The LED light panels moved around like it was a TV screen. It was a sight to behold—truly a magnificent thing for basketball and professional sports at large.

This is the first ever basketball league in the Japan that uses a purely LED court and it’s no surprise if other leagues will follow suit.

Nike Rise LED Court

+Nike Rise
+Yoyogi National Gymnasium

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