Let An AI Librarian Help Sort Your Digital Bookmarks

Let An AI Librarian Help Sort Your Digital Bookmarks

A new app uses machine learning to help organize your virtual life

Laura Yan
  • 24 october 2016

Stash wants to make your internet browsing experience easier by using an AI librarian to organize all of your digital bookmarks. Stash uses machine learning to categorize your bookmarks, separating articles from products or recipes. You can continue organizing by adding your own tags, but the app will do a handy job even without your help.

Stash Types.png

Stash will also let you share bookmarks with others. Bookmarks shared with you go into an inbox, where you can decide to save or delete it. You’ll also be able to “Snooze” certain pages. If you forget to read something important, you can set up a reminder and Stash will let you know to read it the next week. According to an interview in Fast Company, the app began as an analytics engine for news and media industry, but luckily for us, the founders realized that the technology could be better adapted for consumers. Sign up for the waitlist to get Stash when it’s released.


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