Let This Algorithm Mix Your Makeup Perfectly

Let This Algorithm Mix Your Makeup Perfectly

A new scanner can analyze skin tone and prepare a one-of-a-kind blend for each person

Anna Johansson
  • 3 october 2016

Your obsession with makeup just got a whole lot better, especially the part where you search for hours on end to find the perfect shade of foundation. There’s a brand new makeup mixing machine that can perfectly match your skin tone and generate the perfect shade of makeup for you. You know what this means, right? No more blending. No more in-between shades. No more buying two shades of foundation and mixing them to get something that’s close to your skin tone, but not quite right. Thanks to L’Oréal, you can get the perfect shade of makeup every time.

L’Oréal has been working with some of the smartest minds in the Silicon Valley to develop a sort of incubator where products can be developed to enhance the beauty industry and make every woman’s experience with makeup a little better. The incubator, developed by Guive Balooch, comes straight from the Silicon Valley.

One of the more recent and exciting developments from this collection is Lancôme’s Le Teint Particulier, which, as mentioned previously, analyzes your skin tone to develop the perfect foundation for your skin.

Here’s how it works: You’ll place your face near a device with an optical scanner that will analyze your skin tone. Then, it uses a complex algorithm that takes into consideration things like freckles, discolorations, hair and eye color, and birth marks to come up with the perfect shade. Then, it sends a message to the pigment machine via Bluetooth, which sits at the makeup counter. The pigment machine will mix the colors and deposit it into a foundation bottle that you can purchase at the desk.

Out of the same L’Oréal incubator comes another product that lets you try on virtual makeup. You can access this tool through the L’Oréal Paris Makeup Genius app, which has become one of the most downloaded apps in makeup today. Since it’s launch in 2012, there have been 20 million downloads of the tool.

The app uses the camera on your smartphone to show a moving image of yourself. You can apply different shades of eye shadow, blush, foundation, and lipstick on your face, viewing the changes in real time.

Regarding the development of this product, key architect Balooch reported to Adweek, “We need better ways for people to try on fast products—there are thousands of lipsticks and colors.”

This is one of the many situations in which augmented reality is finding a real place in the beauty industry. It’s about time that technology caught up here too, since it’s one of the largest markets in the world. Globally, it’s expected to make more than $265 billion by the beginning of 2017.

With technology thrown into the midst, that number will rise exponentially. L’Oréal is wise to get into the tech game early on in order to reap the benefits of being one of the first companies to bring technology into a non-technical industry.

Lancôme’s Le Teint Particulier will be available in stores like Harrods and Nordstrom next spring.


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