This world's first smart candle is designed with affordability and safety in mind

Candles can be hazardous, particularly when left burning alone or in the presence of kids. LuDela, the world’s first smart candle, wants to eliminate all the possible dangers associated with an open flame, offering a safe candle for use at home.

LuDela is connected through an app, meaning you can light up or extinguish the flame from the candle at the touch of a button. However, there are plenty more features that makes LuDela the safest candle out there.

LuDela is equipped with SmartScan, a sensor that will automatically extinguish the flame if a possible tip or fall is detected. It also has a child-lock app to keep children safe from the flame. Mind you, LuDela has a real flame, not just a LED light that mimics a flame.

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