Makeshift Coffee Kiosk Blends Into The Classical Structures Around It

Makeshift Coffee Kiosk Blends Into The Classical Structures Around It

PUDDLE has created a non-distracting, easy-to-assemble stand to provide drinks at the Kyoto International Modern Arts Festival

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 14 october 2016

Modernizing classical structures can elicit a lot of criticism, especially if the design clashes with the older aesthetic. However, Tokyo-based studio PUDDLE found a way to build a structure that would blend into the historical site around it. The % Arabica Coffee Kiosk, used during the 2015 Kyoto International Modern Arts Festival, is made of transparent material, a combination of aluminum and polycarbonate, meant to blend into the background. The makeshift coffee kiosk’s materials are light and easy to assemble without affecting the old building, making it simple to move the kiosk as needed.

makeshift coffee kiosk

According to designers Masaki Kato and Elson Lin, the stand is meant to provide the same sense of quiet and calm as the museum: “I imagined the contrast between the museum’s serene space, and the kiosk in a bed of white gravel, would be the perfect setting for one to enjoy an unforgettable cup of coffee.”


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