Panasonic has built a device to help people find the ideal cosmetics for their skin

Panasonic also happens to be a big beauty brand in Japan. With premium hairdryers, battery-powered face masks, steamers for the face and other stuff already in the market, it’s not just about home appliances for the company anymore. And as a nod to this newfound niche, it has built a smart mirror with a printer that is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The Panasonic Smart Mirror, unveiled as a prototype at CES 2016, scans the face. It looks out for the blemishes and suggests the right makeup. This takes into account the kind of product needed, the shade, etc. But instead of just pointing you to the right shades of blush or lipstick, an attached printer, debuted at CEATEC 2016, prints the makeup on a sheet.

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