MIT Service Will Help You Find Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

MIT Service Will Help You Find Environmentally Friendly Vehicles

The customizable app allows users to search for the best option by price for their region

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 5 october 2016

CarbonCounter, a new web app created by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, aims to help environmentally conscious consumers choose a guilt-free means of transportation. The MIT service rates vehicles for both their price and their greenhouse gas emissions, with the goal of advising buyers who are searching for environmentally-friendly rides that won’t hurt their budget.

Factoring in each car’s mileage, the type of fuel it uses, what greenhouses gases are generated in the car’s production and other characteristics, the app displays a graph that makes it easy to compare the pros and cons of various options.

There are also 13 customizable settings that allow users of the app to compare costs and emissions for their own regions and needs. For instance, California drivers might find that electric cars are their best bet, while drivers in the Midwest (where coal-fired power plants dominate) might lean toward traditional vehicles.


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