A project in Ecuador used the ubiquitous material to design a spacious and industrial-chic house

Generally speaking, shipping crates and other containers are used for transporting goods, unless of course you’re looking to contract architects Daniel Moreno Flores and Sebastien Calero. Using repurposed materials to bring to life an otherwise vacant Ecuadorian landscape, the two minds came together to build a home with an industrial-chic aesthetic.

The project began when a client approached the two designers with a challenge to create a layout for a home which reflected his passion for cars, motorcycles and clocks. The homeowner, who happens to be a mechanic, also requested that the house could be disassembled easily – much like the parts of one’s favorite timepiece. Like clockwork, the underlying theme behind a dismantle-able home is to emphasize the individual pieces and how they add up to a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Moreover, with enough auto-power the homeowner would also be able downsize his crib or relocate altogether.

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