AIAIAI's TMA-2 includes 500 different configurations for listeners to personalize their gear

The way most people consume music these days is on-the-go, one of the causes leading to the proliferation of the headphone market. While there are myriad brands that suit the various needs of music enthusiasts, one based out of Copenhagen is thinking about three elements in particular:individualization, longevity, and adaptability. AIAIAI based out of Copenhagen has recently launched its newest headphone: the TMA-2 Modular.

AIAIAI is known for its cutting edge technology, non-conformity to trends, and collaborative nature with industrial designers, audio technicians, and DJs.  The TMA-2 Modular demonstrates the brand’s innovative thinking with an interchangeable design that allows listeners to create their own personalized headphones. The headband, earpads and cable and speaker unit can all be altered to fit a specific listening need. The headphones have more than 500 different configurations appealing to both casual music fans and professionals, putting the user in control of how they DJ, edit and listen to music.

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