The rolling outdoor designs instantly became a focal point for people visiting the river Sevre and a nearby vineyard in Nantes, France

To bring back social activity at a beautiful vineyard in Nantes, France, two design studios were commissioned by Le Voyage à Nantes to come up with an interesting outdoor furniture design. No need to carry this multifunctional furniture because anyone can easily roll it into place.

The new line of rolling outdoor furniture was positioned at the Sèvre riverside. Design studios Ferpect and Jeremie Koempgen drew inspiration from Nantes’ industrial heritage.

The final products rekindled the trading that would take place between the river and the surrounding bank in years past. Wheelbarrow-benches, tables and other chairs featured wooden slates and metallic armature for an industrial feel. The easily movable and lightweight furniture turned out to be the perfect gathering space for those who frequent the riverside.

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