NYC's Museum of Modern Art is hosting a show to highlight human struggle through design

Have you ever wondered what living in a refugee shelter looks like? The latest exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Insecurities: Tracing Displacement and Shelter, highlights the many different kinds of structures used to house these nationless peoples.

Refugee architecture has received a lot of attention from the design community, spanning from wearable tents to Ikea's solar powered solution. The exhibition focuses on structures that are already in use in refugee camps around the world, giving visitors a look at the kinds of temporary shelters real people have to live in. The exhibit explores the housing limitations as short-term stays are extended due to political circumstances. It also explores the issues of cultural sensitivity and diversity that mean one-size-fits-all housing doesn't meet all needs. Infrastructure also means that the structures themselves are a part of larger encampments, which is also critical to social life.

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