Bill Baird's new album explores the relationship between time and music through a website crafted by design team, One Pixel Wide

In October 1970, the English rock band Led Zeppelin released their third eponymous album, Led Zeppelin III, which differentiated itself from the band's previous full-throttle approach through a calculated chaos of blues-inspired wails and traditional folk-elements. Besides shifting elements of its signature sound, Led Zeppelin III also pushed the boundaries of the traditional LP record. The gatefold design sleeve and volvelle, a rotatable laminated card disc that was often used for calculative efforts like astronomy and crop rotations, featured a haphazard, surreal collection of various aviation-inspired imagery. Designed by multimedia artist Zacron, the anarchic album art offered listeners another lens to approach the album, which was, at its core, a past-meets-present paean of heartbreak and reconciliation. 

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