Industrious is a new workspace promising to push past the overly social nature of some shared offices

Coworking spaces have quickly gone from a laughable subject to a hotbed for freelancers, office workers and whole teams of fast-trajectory startups looking for an affordable space to work and mingle. Yet, for all their glory, these spaces still have some contemplating to do. In the unconvinced hearts of its critics, shared spaces often strike a poor balance between promoting a fun and open space, and actually encouraging workers to get the job done. The problem for many of these high-profile businesses is that they’ve given coworking a Silicon Valley facelift: unlimited beers, games and socializing regularly prioritize the sexy aspects of coming to work over the purposeful. And while many of these elements are critical in the modern business landscape, too many diversions ultimately yield little output. To combat the sluggish workflow associated with some of the name brand workspaces, rising startup Industrious has set out to rebalance the work-play scale through its own approach to how these spaces should be built, designed and facilitated.

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