New York Restaurant Uses Tomato Sushi As Its Newest Meat Alternative

New York Restaurant Uses Tomato Sushi As Its Newest Meat Alternative

fresh&co is using sous vide Roma tomatoes to create a vegan option that has the texture and taste of tuna

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 21 october 2016

New York City restaurants often have a variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives for those looking for a filling lunch. Health-conscious chain fresh&co is adding yet another option to the list with the use of tomato sushi, which is sous vide Roma tomatoes that are rich in umami and mimic the look and taste of bluefin tuna.

Tomato Chef Salad_White.jpg

The restaurant already uses some of the most popular meat alternatives on the market. Owner and CEO George Tenedios is always on the look out for good meatless alternatives, especially in the face of the tuna population issue. Sustainability met Asian classic cuisine, including the now popular poke trend, as Tenedios tells PSFK:

“I had read about Master Chef James Corwell’s sustainable vegan tuna and was instantly drawn to the concept. I wanted to find a way to make it work within the fresh&co menu. fresh&co chef, Michael Roberts, incorporated tomato sushi as a poke into the fresh&co menu with 4 items: Poke Side Salad, Tomato Sushi Wrap, Yuzu Bowl, and the Aloha Salad. Each dish incorporates traditional Asian ingredients like togorashi spice, yuzu citrus, wafu vinaigrette, and hijiki seaweed.”

Tomato_Collard Green Wrap_White.jpg

While the concept of a tomato that tastes like fresh raw tuna might seem like a stretch, the public has been embracing it. Having appeared on the menu in early October 2016, Tenedios tells PSFK that the alternative has excited their consumer base:

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive not only from the vegan community but from foodies looking for new, innovative foods in the market. Our customers love the idea of a vegan tuna – it’s new and exciting.”

Tomato_Side Salad_Propped.jpg

The menu item is currently listed under seasonal, so those looking to try this sustainable alternative should get their taste soon.


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