Recliner's new collection is made for those looking for a better way to get quality shut-eye

Many have claimed to have found the key to a good night's sleep, from special mattresses to re-designed pillows, even special fans to keep sheets cool. But now, Recliner, a woman's sleep and loungewear company, is looking to provide better rest by revolutionizing how pajamas are made.

Rebecca Smith, the company's founder, released her first collection last year, designed with the practical needs of her customers in mind, like shorts with pockets and a waistband that flattens against the body for maximum comfort. The collection, however, was designed more for late spring and summer, and so Smith went on the hunt for a fabric for her next collection that would help regulate body temperature. The company finally settled on bamboo jersey fabric, because its bamboo fibers trap cool or warm air through micro-gaps and the material is more sweat-absorbent than traditional cotton.

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