A cafe in the Philippines provides Wi-Fi, outlets, and coffee for those working at all hours

The Diligence Cafe is a coworking space in Manila, Philippines with one unusual feature: it’s open throughout the night. In fact, Diligence Cafe opens from 3PM to 7AM. Customers pay an hourly (PHP 60) or a daily rate (PHP 350) for access to Wi-Fi, outlets, lockers, coffee, showers and even a napping service (customers can get cozy on beanbags on pillows, and staff will be on hand to wake them up when needed) to help dedicated workers get through the night.

The unique coworking establishment is also trying to boost the local economy by sourcing its products from the Philippines, and hiring local workers. It might become a welcome resource for committed entrepreneurs and students alike, offering camaraderie and caffeine throughout the night.

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