This Print Magazine Wants Us To Talk More Openly About Mental Illness

This Print Magazine Wants Us To Talk More Openly About Mental Illness

Anxy is a gorgeously designed publication trying to change the conversation surrounding psychological health

Laura Yan
  • 18 october 2016

Anxy is a beautifully designed print magazine that wants to shift the conversation surrounding mental illness. In America, 43.8 million adults (that’s one in five) suffer from a mental illness, and while psychology and academic journals offer studies and analysis, they don’t offer support in the way that simply reading other people’s stories do.

Anxy founder Indhira Rojas was a high-functioning creative, working to cover up her struggles with Complex PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. She decided to start Anxy with a team to explore the everyday effects of mental illness in an artsy print magazine that will include personal essays, reported features, illustrations, and photography.

Each issue will explore a different theme, like loneliness or depression. “Anxy exists to demonstrate that sometimes the darkest and most paralyzing experiences can have empowering ripple effects in our lives,” Rojas writes.


“Anxy is not just a magazine about our inner worlds, it’s a community of people who want to bring those worlds out into the open. We want to tell the real stories behind people’s lives, the unedited version.”

Anxy will focus as much on design as content, and resemble design conscious publications like Kinfolk or Monocle—the decision to create a print rather than an online publication is intentional, a way to let readers slow down and fully immerse themselves. “There’s a lot of outpouring on Facebook, on Twitter, a lot of spaces for people to really pour out everything that they’re thinking and feeling,” Anxy editor-in-chief Jennifer Maerz told Fast Company. “I think removing yourself from your computer, or your phone, to absorb these conversations, gives you that extra space where you’re hopefully a little less distracted.”

The magazine is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Pledge for a copy of its inaugural issue, to start shipping in January 2017.


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