Our Future of Work vision is an artificially intelligent helper that frees workers from the administrative to-dos that have dogged them for too long

You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone willing to put down ‘in charge of re-ordering the coffee' on their resume, but it's the harsh reality of working in a small office: administrative responsibilities tend to fall on team members that wouldn't otherwise have to deal with them. While some employees are happy to take on any task at hand, it can spell disaster for worker efficiency and workplace productivity. Good managers know this, and so are eager to turn to alternative solutions for the handling of admin to-dos. After all, they'd rather their team focus on client work than on busywork. As illustrated in the Future of Work, the latest report by PSFK Labs, office inefficiencies can lead to burnout and employee dissatisfaction, roads that then lead to higher turnover and disconnect between workplace bodies. What if instead, companies could delegate the busywork to a workplace assistant that would never burn out, simply because it was created for that very purpose?

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