Our Future of Work vision is a service that allows companies to assemble and deliver welcome packets that are uniquely focused on the concept of growth

Considering that we give up 90,000 hours of our lifetime to work, it's no surprise many people consider their workmates to be a second family. Yet, in contrast to how the new member of a family is usually introduced (think: balloons, parties, a whole dedicated room ready to provide a new hire with everything they might come to need in their development), workers are often brought on to a job with little warmth.

According to the original PSFK Workplace Survey, 83 percent of professionals to do not feel they were ever formally introduced to their company culture – whether that means they didn't receive a welcome kit, feel an emotional connection to colleagues or go through a formal introductory process. As a result, those companies are at risk of losing their best employees to competitors with superior onboarding processes; in the Future of Work, a 60+ page study by PSFK Labs, every new hire should be provided with pertinent HR documents, acquainted with a company's ethos on the very first day, if not hour, and even gifted a seedling plant, which will come to symbolize the start of their employee journey.

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