Our Future of Work vision is a workplace document editor that flags any communication found to include questionable tone or content

“1…2…3…4…5…” Since our schoolyard days, we've been told that by silently counting to ten, we can quell anger and prevent impulsive outbursts. However, in today’s fast-paced work climate, ten seconds is a luxury few employees can afford, and so many of us find ourselves tripping over a misconstrued, badly worded, or downright aggressive emails that can lead to a toxic atmosphere between coworkers. Granted we are only human, prone to making communication mistakes and faux pas, but unprofessional language or even sharing unwarranted content can cause lasting ripples in even the best environments. As illustrated in the Future of Work, the latest report by PSFK Labs, cross-team collaboration is a key component of the future workplace. Ensuring that it never sours will require automated processes to mitigate the demands of the modern workplace, especially where communication is concerned.

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