The booths allow city residents to check local transit times through a simple toll-free phone call

Red Bull, never a brand to shy away from immersive, collaborative campaigns to spark conversation, has unveiled its latest innovation project in Sao Paulo: a system of “smart payphones” that transform the antiquated technology into data-driven bus schedules.

The machines were created as a promotional stunt for Red Bull Basement’s Festival, which the company describes as a forum for discussing issues for inspiring change through the use of new technology. Each payphone relies on real-time data of bus geo-locations throughout Sao Paulo, all of which have already been available on the internet. The problem is that internet data isn’t accessible for many Brazilian residents. By dialing Red Bull’s toll-free number from any of the converted phones, the company’s system can track the caller’s location and provide bus times based on the closest stop. Now, Sao Paulo citizens of any socioeconomic background can stay up-to-date on their transit schedules.

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