Thim is a wearable device that helps teach people how to maximize restfulness during the night

Thim is a wearable ring that will train you to sleep better by waking you up often. The device is based upon the research findings of Professor Leon Lack, a clinical psychologist at the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health. According to Professor Lack's research, waking up participants regularly during short intervals of the first hour of sleep will improve sleep quality and duration for subsequent nights.

That's just what Thim will do: its motion sensor will detect when you've fallen asleep and then vibrate to wake you up. You'll be able to set your sleep training period (Thim suggests an hour for optimal results—but you might get so angry at being woken up constantly that you'll want to set a shorter duration). Thim will also wake you up from ten-minute power naps, which are shown to be the most effective time span for a nap. Pledge for an early-bird Thim on Kickstarter for $98.

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