A new concept wearable developed by researchers at MIT and Stanford are fully functional bots that live on your clothing

Developed by a cross-university team of researches from MIT and Stanford, including PhD student Artem Dementyev, rovables are wearables that roam freely around your clothing thanks to their clever magnetic wheel design. Doubling as sensors, digital displays and tactile feedback, the miniature robots can wander about your fabrics and linens for up to 45 minutes at a time before freezing in place to double as a brooch or bracelet.

The ability to change their whereabouts with respect to one’s body allows rovables to achieve some interesting tasks; imagine a health monitor crawling to your wrist to take your pulse, then ducking into the confines of your pocket where the device is obscured from the rest of the world. Or perhaps you’d prefer they crawled up your neck to let you take a call, gently tap your wrist when your phone receives a notification, and provide flashlights when riding your bike at night during your commute back home. Indeed, their nifty kinetics enable the wearables to find the ideal spot to carry out a task, especially given that everyone’s proportions are different, and current wearable solutions are a one-size-fits-all solution.

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