The vault from Scott Jarvie brings a new level of theatricality into the home

When we imagine safety vaults, we might conjure an image inspired by movies and novels of large elaborate vaults in secret place with intricately designed large mechanical wheels. While many original mechanical bank vaults did have elegant design, function has superseded form in modern times, which has resulted in very utilitarian and institutional looking vaults. UK-based designed Scott Jarvie has brought form back into the spotlight with an elegantly designed home safety vault.

Wanting to question the typical perception of value and security in our society, Jarvie has designed a vault that incorporates the fantasy of pop culture into its DNA. The vault features a series of stainless steel and aluminum gear wheels and central hand wheels that enable the retraction of the wedge knobs that secure the system. The motion of the mechanism gives the piece a theatrical quality that alternates the system between the locked and unlocked position.

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