Pocket Patrol utilizes a phone's camera to promote beach safety and educate people about hidden hazards

Tech company Samsung has developed an app to help beachgoers locate the position of rip currents, submerged rocks, and shallow sandbanks using augmented reality. Pocket Patrol is currently being trialled on selected Sunshine Coast beaches in Australia.

An estimate from Samsung's partner on the project, Surf Life Saving, stated that 2 out of 3 Australians can’t identify rip currents, which unfortunately means they are the biggest killer on their beaches, with thousands of people getting caught out in rips every year. Samsung hopes to help prevent these tragedies by arming people with the right knowledge. The service works using a phone's camera, pointing directly to the location of potential dangers when scanned over the beach and water. Their ultimate goal is to use this technology to further promote beach safety on all Australian beaches, giving surf lifesavers an extra resource to continue educating beachgoers. You can check out Pocket Patrol in action in the video below:

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