42Tea is a small device that guides you through every step of the brewing process, even identifying the type of leaves being used

Brewing the perfect cup of tea is not only an art, it’s an art that has to take different varieties of the drink into account. Every tea requires a specific amount of tea leaves and a standardized water temperature to brew properly, necessitating time and precision. 42Tea has developed a new smart sensor that will guide tea lovers through every step of the process to brew a perfect cup.

The cubed sensor identifies the tea being dropped into the leaves, and then provides instructions to measure the proper water temperate and amount as the kettle heats up. Once all the water has been poured out, the sensor begins a timer for how long the leaves should steep. The 2×2 cm. cube communicates through an app, keeping the drinker abreast of every step with clear instructions and alerts. Over time, it learns the user’s preferences based on 54 categories, such as strength and fruitiness, and recommends new varieties to try.

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