Shiseido And Microsoft Have Created A Makeup Filter For Women Who Telecommute

Shiseido And Microsoft Have Created A Makeup Filter For Women Who Telecommute

The Japanese cosmetic company built an augmented reality app that works alongside Skype for Business

Macala Wright
  • 25 october 2016

A new piece of software from Shiseido and Microsoft, a plug-in called TeleBeauty  that is based on AR technology, is aimed at increasing the self-esteem of the women who work remotely by providing a filter that automatically polishes their appearance. The app works by applying virtual makeup to the individual’s video image.

Women using the app can choose one of four skin palettes: natural, trendy, cool, or pretty, before entering the teleconference call. Using the camera on a smartphone, tablet or device, the app scans the user’s face, adjusts for skin tone and then corrects pores, dark spots, and pimples. It also adds blush, lipstick, and eye makeup.

According to QZ, the TeleBeauty app can distinguish between a person’s face and the background so the makeup reportedly “stays on,” even as the user talks and moves around. That’s good, because no one wants to leave lipstick marks hovering in midair.

Currently the app is being tested by Microsoft Japan, but is expected to become available overseas in the later part of 2017. While there is commentary that Shiseido is reinforcing gender bias, the use of AR in to help drive conversations around future workplace trends is commendable. The service addresses issues of self-esteem to make it easier for women to work from home without having to go through an elaborate beauty ritual each time they contact a colleague.


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