Small Device Creates A Personal Weather Station Inside In Your Home

Small Device Creates A Personal Weather Station Inside In Your Home

Netatmo's new sensor is a standalone air quality monitor that can measure humidity, purity, noise and temperature

Leo Lutero
  • 20 october 2016

Riding the trend of measuring indoor climate, this device from Netatmo is a personal weather station for indoors. The Healthy Home Coach is a beautiful display piece that lets you know what’s up with the air trapped inside your house.

The device is a smart indoor climate monitor and it measures the important metrics relevant to keeping your indoor air in top shape. Inside the eye-catching, cylinder-shaped device are sensors for humidity, air quality, noise and temperature. These four variables are key to maintaining a healthy environmental environment.

The device is marked as ideal for the nursery and for people sensitive to air quality (like asthmatics). All the data is sent to Netatmo’s proprietary app which records and illustrates the values.

netatmo indoor air quality monitor 2.png

Fred Potter, Founder and CEO of Netatmo, says,

“Whether it’s optimum noise levels for sound sleeping, or the right humidity levels for a child with asthma, Healthy Home Coach measures what matters, highlights potential problems, and advises the user how to fix them.”

This isn’t the first Netatmo product to measure climate. Their other product, the Weather Station, measures both indoor and outdoor weather. Just like the Healthy Home Coach, the sensors are packed in a beautiful cylinder-shaped chassis. Netatmo also built its own rain gauge and wind gauge to complete the set. However, unlike the Indoor Climate Monitor, the Weather Station does not measure air pollution or noise levels.

The French company also builds connected radiator valves and its own thermostat which means a system that ties them all up together should be in order.

By the end of the month, the personal weather station will be available online for $99.99. No word yet on the specifications of the air quality monitor on the Healthy Home Coach but following similar products already in the market like Awair, it should be industry standard PM 2.5.


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