Yago Partal's portraits depict the fantasized style preferences of creatures worldwide, from an Arctic wolf to a zebra

For those who have ever wondered about what fashion choices a koala or bottlenose dolphin would make if given the opportunity, Barcelona-based artist Yago Partal has not only those answers, but nearly 200 more.

Partal, a fan of the animal kingdom since his childhood, launched Zoo Portraits in 2013 as a creative marketing project that soon went viral. And with a quick glance at his work, it’s easy to see why. After taking pictures of the worldwide species of domestic and wild animals, Partal illustrates clothing on top of the photos based on the style aesthetic he thinks best aligns with each creature. The artwork also comes with detailed descriptions on the respective species in an effort to promote a love and understanding of animals from his audience. Check out the rest of Partal’s Zoo Portraits here, where you can also buy high-resolution photos of the animal of your choosing.

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