The device is able to generate the graphics on a translucent screen and retrieve the words from a connected database

Creative agency SIX Inc. has developed a next-generation speaker that displays the lyrics of a song as motion graphics on its translucent LCD screen, enabling listeners to experience music with their eyes as well as their ears. The Lyric Speaker plays music selected from a mobile device and shows the lyrics, which are automatically retrieved off a database, in sync with the song. It is the world’s first speaker equipped with this ‘Lyric Sync Technology.’

The speaker can analyze the mood and structure of a song to generate different motion graphics. For example, soft fonts and movements for mellow songs like ballads, and strong and powerful graphics for energetic music like rock songs. It does this using music analysis technologies developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), with the built-in expression engine creating motion graphics that fit each song played.

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