Habit is a new company that creates dietary schedules based on what nutrients a person is lacking or is overindulging in

Most people struggle with eating right, whether it be trying to lose weight, lower their cholesterol or keep their blood sugar down. Startup Habit is looking to help people reach their desired health goals by providing meals based on the results of a blood test.

Developed by Neil Grimmer, best known for his organic baby food startup Plum Organics, the meal system starts with a simple blood test to see what areas a person could use some help with. The test can be done at home, or at the company's network of doctor's offices for those not comfortable with needles. Once Habit analyzes the blood, the company recommends a meal plan based on what nutrients they need to cut down on or increase. Meals cost between $12 and $15 dollars, and are delivered to the user's home. They will also have access to a web interface to keep track of their stats.

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