The Clarion Hotel Amaranten is working to usher in the future of the hospitality industry with a new, intelligent service

The concept of blurring physical and digital ideas has gained traction over the past five years, as tech becomes more organically integrated within key branded spaces around the world. Phygital, as it's known, has now reached its peak, spilling over into the hospitality industry as the Clarion Hotel Amaranten in Stockholm pilots a voice-activated chatbot that caters to the needs of its guests.

Created in partnership with U.S. technology company EdgeDNA, the system, inspired by Amazon’s Echo's robot assistant named ‘Alexa', is able to carry out a wide range of tasks that are usually managed by employees. These include errands such as ordering taxis and room service, waking the guests at their preferred time in the morning, online searches for information on local restaurants, bars and weather stats to ensuring the ambience is apt by playing the music of the guest's choice.

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