Swedish Citizens Get A Tax Break For Repairing Old Goods

Swedish Citizens Get A Tax Break For Repairing Old Goods

A sustainability initiative encourages people to fix, rather than replace, broken objects

Macala Wright
  • 25 october 2016

To take the motto of “Waste Not, Want Not” to a new level, the Swedish government decided to give their citizens tax breaks for repairing and reusing items that they already had instead of replacing them with new ones.

In a proposal that would go into effect starting next year, citizens who go to bicycle, clothing, shoe or appliance repair shops will be able to pay 12% in VAT tax, instead of the standard 25%. If the new legislative proposals are approved, the citizens that hire repairmen would also be able to claim a partial tax refund for the bill, in addition to the immediate tax break.

“We believe that this could substantially lower the cost and so make it more rational economic behavior to repair your goods,” said Per Bolund, Sweden’s minister for financial markets and consumer affairs and one of six Green party cabinet members, told the Guardian. 

Bolund also hopes that the tax breaks will help jumpstart the home repairs industry in Sweden and create more local jobs. The tax breaks are directly tied to wider initiatives to increase the effectiveness of the country’s environmental and sustainability programs, thus maintaining its status as the most sustainable country in the world. Overall, those that champion these efforts believe that by fortifying local economies, reducing environmental impact and building better local opportunities, Sweden will grow in popularity as a country where people want to be.

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