Take A Virtual Reality Tour Inside The Human Body

Take A Virtual Reality Tour Inside The Human Body
Augmented & Virtual Reality

The gaming experience is designed to make health education more interactive and fun

Jiwon Kim
  • 17 october 2016

Most of us who received public education in the United States might recall watching films in middle school health class about the human anatomy. Today, kids can take a virtual reality tour through their internal organs in an educational game called The Body VR.

Virtual Reality Tour Human Body The Body VR

The gaming graphics are extremely well produced and as viewers navigate through different parts of the bodies, they will see names of different detailed proponents and a breakdown of cells. Entering one of the living cells is easy and viewers see exactly how the body fights off disease. There is even commentary in the background, guiding viewers through the whole educational experience.

The Body VR is a great example of how mixed reality can change education: it makes learning easier and more fun because it leaves the student with a memorable experience beyond a video in health class.

The Body VR

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