12-year-old Xavier was gifted a renovated and confidence-boosting device depicting a great white shark

When her 12-year-old son Xavier became a target for school bullying due to a bulky back brace, Ashley King posted to Facebook searching for help from the Orlando community. She received aid due to the generosity of local tattoo artist “Evil” Anjel.

Xavier, who suffers from scoliosis and pectus, originally tried to hide the brace under his clothing, but that proved too uncomfortable. After ridicule from classmates, he and his mother turned to social media, where King attempted to solicit an artist to emblazon the brace with an airbrushed design. Enter Anjel, of Orlando's Anarchy Tattoos & Art Co. Free of charge, he adorned the brace with the image of a great white shark swimming under the moonlight, transforming the clunky plastic structure into a cool, intimidating portrait.

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