This House Can Be Taken Apart And Moved With You

This House Can Be Taken Apart And Moved With You

Design firm Kodasema has created the small modular structure for people who don't want to be tied down to a single place

Jennifer Passas
  • 18 october 2016

One of the hardest things about moving is leaving all the people and things that give us comfort behind. Staying in touch with the people we love is possible, but moving away from a home we love is difficult. Wouldn’t it all be easier if you could just take your house with you? Estonia-based design firm Kodasema has created a 269-square-foot-cube, called the KODA, that can be assembled in less than seven hours, and disassembled in four days.

The furnished home comes in three different models: “KODA for Living”, “KODA for Studying,” and “KODA for Working.”


The KODA was established with three missions: to provide healthy living, to be green, and to provide freedom of movement. The home is made of finishing materials that are both sturdy and non-toxic to keep noise, dust, cold weather, and excessive amounts of carbon dioxide outside. The use of solar panels on the roof, innovative LED lighting and smart systems within the home keep money in the owner’s wallet, and don’t drain precious environmental resources. And perhaps most important, or at least most unique, is that KODA homes are not fixed to the ground, which allows them to be easily transported.

Modular house koda

The KODA’s modular design and flexibility of location provide a new perspective on living, and indicate a different set of interests for some prospective homeowners.


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